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As a Homeowner, you will be faced with a host of construction and inspection challenges, which can seem daunting and overwhelming. The ATS inspection team will lead you through this process, and assist you in making your dream become reality.

If you live within the jurisdiction of a code governing authority, ATS can provide third party inspections. If you live outside a jurisdiction boundary, ATS can help you determine if your house conforms to current minimum standards for safety and code compliance.

We offer Homeowner Walks, which will take you step by step through the construction process. We also offer Real Estate inspections for prospective buyers.

Following is a list of inspections, which are typical to the construction process.

  • Site inspection : An ATS survey crew can determine the proper placement of your structure on the building site.
  • Pre-pour inspection: Coordinated prior to concrete placement, this inspection helps ensure the proper reinforcement, moisture protection and construction of your concrete foundation.
  • Framing, Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (rough, top-out, & final) :These inspections are executed before the sheetrock is installed and will determine all the nuances of the systems which will live within the walls of your home for the duration of the structure.Some of the considerations are: safety glass, fire and egress issues, framing & plumbing standards, ventilation issues, electrical & safety, minimum plumbing standards and others.
  • Insulation inspection: Although considered optional, this inspection helps assure that your home will conform to adopted energy performance standards and help assure the proper use and placement of insulation in the home.
  • Wallboard inspection: This inspection can be considered optional. However, in certain jurisdictions, the wallboard inspection is mandatory to ensure that your sheetrock will not sag or warp under the tests of time and varying humidity conditions.
  • Final inspection: Within the boundaries of a code authority, this inspection will determine whether you will be issued a Certificate of Occupancy. It is a final review of the electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems to help ensure code compliance of the home and the safety of the occupants.

The price of inspections starts at $45.00. Inspections are typically performed on a 24-hour turnaround basis. Inspection results are left at the site and also available on our web site. No application is required. A simple phone call can get you started.

ATS Engineers offers a comprehensive spectrum of engineering and construction services that are coordinated with the field inspectors, to meet any demanding construction challenge. The objective of the ATS Inspection Team is to eliminate the confusion of the construction process, and keep your job progressing within the framework of code compliance.

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